Peanut Butter Toast with Cucumber side

PB 2

Here’s a quick and healthy snack recipe for kids! You can get the kids to help you place the toppings on the toasts and also, build the cucumber stack. This all-in-one snack is a great way to naturally hydrate the body and gain rapid energy at any time of the day. Try adding your favorite toppings, just as long as it’s not m&m’s or gummy bears! Here’s the recipe;


1 mini cucumber, cut lengthwise
2 Whole Wheat Bread Slices
Organic Peanut Butter
Dark Chocolate chips


1. Spread peanut butter generously on a warm toast.
2. Cut slices in desired shapes.
3. Place blueberries and dark chocolate chips on top.
4. Stack the cucumber slices in the center of the plate or however you like them and put the toasts around it. 

Note: I emphasize on using organic peanut butter because it doesn’t contain added sugar and fats.



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