Strawberry Mesclun Salad

Strawberry Mesclun Salad


This colorful mixed green salad is healthy, refreshing and easy to assemble. The strawberry and radish give sweetness and crunchiness in each bite, which compliments the young salad leaves. The dressing is very simple and it doesn’t over power the salad’s organic flavor, which is how a dressing should be. The trick to get flavor into each bite is to massage the dressing into the salad by hand. Tongs should be used for serving avoid using them for mixing as they also tend to bruise the salad, which compromises the taste and presentation.

Serves: 4


Bag of Mesclun Salad
Handful of fresh Strawberries, quartered
3-4 Radishes, thinly sliced
½ Cup of your favorite aged cheese (optional)


2 T Extra virgin Olive Oil
1 t Balsamic vinegar
Salt & Fresh ground pepper
Peel of Lemon, this gives the dressing a beautiful aroma


1. Gently whisk all the dressing ingredients in a large bowl. Do not whisk too much or vigorously otherwise the dressing will become bitter.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly and add the salad ingredients into the above bowl. Using your fingers, gently massage the dressing evenly into the salad, tossing and turning couple of time.

3. Taste the salad, and adjust seasonings. Remember not to add too much olive oil or vinegar as that makes the salad soggy and also, leaves streaks of oil on the plate, which is neither appealing nor healthy. So a little bit goes a long way.


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