Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

I’ve made this recipe more times than I can remember. The key ingredient in this recipe is the classic hollandaise sauce. Now I do occasionally make this sauce by hand whisking the ingredients, which is much time consuming but a nice work out for your biceps, if you must. I’ve got an easier way to make this sauce, make it in your mini blender! It’s unknown where this universal recipe originated from however, I am sure it was invented way back in the day by some French chef. I got the recipe from the recipe book that came with my Cuisinart blender/chopper a while ago.

Poached eggs, the second key ingredient, this was probably one of those things I forever feared from cooking until I went to a culinary school. I realized they are actually not that difficult to make, it’s definitely more about the technique and timing. Oh and practice, yes, practice will make you perfect!

Serves: 2 Adults


2 Whole-wheat English muffins
Butter for spreading
Orange slices or a fruits of your choice

Hollandaise Sauce

2 Large egg yolks
1 t Fresh lemon juice
¼ Cup butter, melted
Pinch of Cayenne pepper (optional)
Pinch of freshly grounded white pepper

Poached Eggs

4 Large eggs, must be room temperature
Small Saucepot (1.5-2 Qt)
2 t white vinegar
1 Chopstick or a long dessert spoon


For the sauce:

1. Melt the butter over low heat or in the microwave. The butter should be hot enough.

2. Place the egg yolks and lemon juice in your blender and blend until thoroughly combined, about a minute or less.

3. My blender has a lid, which has a built in pourer, most new or even some old blenders have that option. Pour the butter in slowly and keep the blender on low speed, DO NOT stop the blender while doing this or you will end up with scrambled eggs! Keep the blender on low until you have finished pouring all the butter.

4. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper, this is totally optional and couple turns of ground white pepper. Black pepper is too strong and also, it ruins the presentation of this beautiful sauce.

Poached Eggs:

1. Crack all four eggs in separate ramekins or measuring cups. Place two thick paper towels on a plate and keep a perforated spoon on the side.

2. Pay very close attention to this step; in a small saucepot bring water and vinegar to a rolling boil. Then lower the heat and keep it between medium to low, you should just see a hint of bubbles (this is critical). Now, make small but gentle circles in the water with the back of your chopstick or the spoon until you have created a whirlpool. Drop the eggs ever so gently in the middle and leave it alone (like, seriously) for 4-5 minutes. If by any chance the egg sticks to the bottom, gently stir the outside area without disturbing the egg, that should help it lift up from the surface.

3. After 4-5 minutes, gently lift the poached egg with the spoon and before you place it on the paper towel check to see the doneness first, it should spring back but if it’s too soft upon touch then chances are it’s not done. Gently place it back in the water but this time increase the heat slightly, leave it in for another minute or so. You will be only doing this in the beginning, as you practice you won’t have to check again. Also, the sizes of the burners vary so use your judgment.

4. If you are not eating the poached eggs immediately then place them in ice-cold water and then re-heat them in warm water.

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